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Peez # 26
4 twin princes
An ancient kingdom had 4 twin princes. The king feeling that he is becoming old wanted to choose a successor. Because his 4 sons were twins he must find a way to choose one of them.
He put them aligned like you see in the image. A, B, C were in the same room in a single file while D was in another room. The king put a crown on their head without letting them see the color of the crown. But the princes knew that there were 2 white and 2 black crowns. The one who knows the color of the crown on his head will be chosen as the next king.
They didn’t have the right to turn back or to talk. D behind the wall could not see his brothers and they cannot see him either. A saw B and C. B saw C.
After a minute one found the color of his crown. He didn’t guess. He was 100% sure based on logic.
Who among the four was it?

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