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Peez # 17
Give me gold everyday
Centuries ago, a young lord has inherited from his father many ingots of gold and each ingot was 30 centimeters long.
He got married and wanted to have on the wall of his living room a portrait of his wife. The artist that he called for this work said that it will take him 30 days to have the picture done and he insisted to be paid 1 centimeter of gold every day.
The young lord accepted that but he was not willing to cut one ingot into 30 pieces in order to give one piece everyday to the artist. He didn’t want to have sawdust loss.
Finally he found a way to only cut one ingot into 5 pieces and he was able to pay the artist one centimeter of gold each day until the work is done after the 30 days. Can you find the size of those 5 pieces of gold?
P.S. :Instruction—Write the 5 numbers divided by space (no comma) (Ascendant) Example : 1 2 6 8 11

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