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1Boxes of CandiesPeezme
2Jonh's glovesPeezme
3Bullions of goldPeezme
4The three daughtersPeezme
5The missing numberPeezme
6Injured soldiers in battlePeezme
7The cat and the number.Peezme
8Suits colorPeezme
9A number with 3 digitsPeezme
10Two fathers and two sonsPeezme
11The missing letterPeezme
12Missing number in the red circlePeezme
13What is that supreme?Peezme
14The odd rowPeezme
15What is the missing numberPeezme
16Find the next letterPeezme
17Give me gold everydayPeezme
18Missing letterPeezme
19The racePeezme
20The locked housePeezme
21Missing number in the triangle?Peezme
22What is the missing number?Peezme
23What is the odd image?Peezme
24Elodie's housePeezme
25The big blue gallonPeezme
264 twin princesPeezme
27Butts of cigarettePeezme
28What is my age?Peezme
29Logical sequencePeezme
30CD for salePeezme
31Milk and CoffeePeezme
32Closing doorsPeezme
33The escalatorPeezme
34Brothers and sistersPeezme
35Hard working rabbitPeezme
36Missing numberPeezme
37Yellow ballPeezme
38Two trainsPeezme
39Where is my juice?peezme
40Nice familypeezme
41What is it?peezme
423 letters are missingpeezme
43Fly with me, let's fly away...Peezme
44Count the F'sUsagi
45Boiled eggsUsagi
46Month troubleUsagi
47Californian marriageUsagi
50Animal speciesUsagi
52Indian familyUsagi
53Birds & treessimian
54the doorpurplechicq
55cat's clawspurplechicq
56the blind fishpurplechicq
58birds on a treekhaab
60Quick calculationkvyas
62What The P....???gaurishankargbp
63What The Fish???gaurishankargbp
64Misunderstood by the policemrdoodles
65Rotten Eggsmrdoodles
67went for huntingvesa
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